Virtual Support Groups

You are not alone. Join us for “Teacher Talk” as we support one another in a place that feels welcoming and nurturing. Each group session is virtual and lasts for 60 minutes. Each cohort runs for 8 weeks. Select a group time that works best for you. Currently, offered every other Tuesday from 4:30-5:30 p.m. or every other Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m.

Registration fee is $45.00. To register click this linkPlease note registration caps at 16 members per group per cohort. Any questions email Lauren at

About the Facilitators


My name is Lauren Kazee, founder of LivingS.L.O.W.. Throughout my career as a licensed social worker, my efforts have focused on mental health and wellness for youth, inside and outside the school setting. While working with school staff in numerous buildings to address the mental health needs of students, it became evident that often the needs of the adults in the buildings were being neglected, and/or ignored.  In some cases, teachers were completely frustrated and discouraged (maybe a few were even depressed). This, along with my work to expand the use of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies schoolwide, motivated me to shift my work to include a focus on the well-being of the school’s staff, thus prompting LivingS.L.O.W.. I believe (and have seen) that if you: “feed the teachers, they don’t eat the kids™”. I assert that when the grown-ups are doing well overall (i.e. socially, emotionally, physically, etc.), it allows for a better learning environment where everyone can thrive. The result: happy, healthy, safe schools where teachers can teach and students can learn. Isn’t that what we all want?

I received my Bachelors of Social Work in 1993 and Masters of Social Work in 1994, both from University of Illinois in Chicago, Jane Addams College of Social Work.  As a licensed professional, I worked in inner city Chicago, rural communities in Ohio and urban areas in Michigan as a school social worker and an outpatient therapist.  My experience within the mental health field and education system led to participation in various federal and state-funded projects throughout the state of Michigan, as well as opportunities to contribute to and support mental health efforts in other states. I have decades of experience providing keynotes, training, workshops and presentations at national, state and local conferences, and professional development events.


Greetings! I am Noreen Dinwieddie, and I am a native of Michigan where all the seasons can be experienced in a day 🙂   My background is in promoting self-care, mental health wellness, team building, supporting educators, and those on the front line and those behind the scenes- extends to my 30-year career in human services, social services, and early childhood education.  I hold an undergrad in Psychology and Social work, with a master’s in Organizational Leadership and, a Yellow Belt in Six Sigma.  

I believe that for people to be their best selves they must be able to have their cups filled, I love doing this for people! Oftentimes people, WE, do not hear the praise, encouragement, or get the accolades you deserve and desire.  We are our own worst critics, we must give ourselves grace, and get our cups filled by a supportive community in a safe space.  Teacher Talk is that space! I am very excited to partner with Lauren Kazee, Living S.L.O.W. to offer this safe space.  Teacher Talk will ensure we have a great time connecting, encouraging, empowering, learning, and growing together.  You are not alone- Teacher Talk is for you.

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