Take Back Your Power

I recently ordered a pair of Wonder Woman undies for a friend of mine who is going through a hard time in her personal life. As we caught up on the phone, I was moved by all she is enduring and thought she was the perfect candidate for some new Superhero underwear! I hope her pair will bring her as much perspective, strength and laughter as mine bring me. They definitely come in handy when you know you are going to face a challenging day.
I think that everyone could probably benefit from a pair of Superhero underwear since no one is immune to difficult times in life. (You may be thinking, “I could use a weeks-worth”). Perhaps you can relate to my friend and are also experiencing hard times in your personal life. Or maybe you are facing pressure at work, that’s fairly common these days, especially in the world of education. However, it is even more challenging when both areas of life are in turmoil. I often say that having one of those facets in disarray is tough but when you don’t feel like there is a break or safe place in either one, it can really become draining.
I have been through times when things have been compounded for me, personal hurdles and work demands. Not only is it depleting but I find that I also start to feel inadequate and insecure. I begin to question my value and worth. How can I keep up? Am I good enough? Do I have what it takes? How can I keep all the plates spinning? Am I dropping any balls or forgetting anything important? In harried times, it can be overwhelming to try to manage it all and feel like there is no reprieve. Try as I may to be intentional and in the present moment, I too often can easily default to auto-pilot and go through the motions. I can become checked out and remotely work through the to do list, getting to the end of the day and feeling so tired and unfulfilled. My son refers to that as being in robot mode, where we follow the program without adding our own individual thought, feeling, and/or touch to the task at hand.
Fortunately, I have people around me who can not only relate but offer me reassurance and/or guidance and insight as needed during those times. It helps to know I’m not the only one who can feel like that and to have people remind me of who I am. During those moments it’s been beneficial for me to go SLOW and take time to reflect. It’s proven advantageous for me to think back on successes I’ve experienced, lessons I’ve learned, areas of growth that have taken place in my life. These are good prompts and motivators to regain my power and confidence.
Who do you have that can serve that same purpose for you? Utilize those confidants to help you bookmark ways that you have historically and successfully used the strengths and abilities embedded in you. There is no doubt you have many. That’s how all of us are created. Each with our own “superpowers”. Gifts that are unique to us and can make the world a better place, as least as long as we commit to use them for good. Consider taking some time, even when things are going well, to contemplate all your talents. Write them down, keep them close so you will have them on hand to refer to, as needed.
My encouragement to you is when things feel heavy and you feel powerless to overcome all that lies ahead, to not only go SLOW and take things step by step (in bite-size pieces as much as possible) but to remember who you are. Recall all you have to offer, all you’ve accomplished and overcome previously. Think of all those who make up your support system and believe in you. Then believe in yourself. Have confidence (it’s half the battle). You have everything you need within you. You were born that way. Tap into your reservoir of talents and skills that make you, you. You have the power to make a difference in your life and thus in the lives of others, all without being overcome or weighed down. You have a choice to be a robot or to be a Superhero. Pull up those undies of greatness and take back your power.

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